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Direct Hits Management

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1679 Indian Rocks Rd
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Customized Internet Marketing and SEO service for Senior Helpers Franchise Owners powered by Direct Hits Management

If you have been referred to DHM by your business consultant or a colleague feel free to go straight to the "How It Works!" page and view our 1 hr webinar. Then simply contact Daniel for a personalized Q&A session. PLEASE view the webinar before contacting us as it will answer most of your questions.

Listen to a testimonial from 3 successful Senior Helpers Owners that have generated thousands of dollars in monthly revenue using DHM Services.

Four Reasons You Need a Strong Internet Presence for your Senior Helpers Office.

1. Children of Seniors use the internet to find out how to solve their problems of finding Home Care for their elderly parents.

2. Many Influence Centers use the internet to find Home Care providers in their local area and you are selected based upon your position and presence.

3. Google is the new phonebook, Facebook is the new friend to friend referral medium, and Twitter is the new national Chamber of Commerce.

4. Social Networking is coming like it or not and it will change everything in the referral game and you either get on board or you will be left behind.

Four Reasons you should use Direct Hits Management for your internet presence.

1. The Founder (Daniel Geier) owns and operates Senior Helpers of Clearwater Florida and has sucessfully used Internet Advertising to build his business into a top perfoming unit.

2. Direct Hits Management does not RESELL any internet pay per click services. We MANAGE your accounts and you pay the search engine(s) directly. No upcharge on clicks! This is an exclusive benefit of working with DHM.

3. Direct Hits will save you a lot of money by using the power of your franchise system to cut your internet marketing costs.

4. Having the most comprehensive and complete Internet Presence for your Senior Helpers office is smart. DHM offers websites that provide FREE Search results, paid advertising management, Google Maps Optimization, and Social Networking / Media Management.

Click Here to Learn About the Services DHM provides that can help take your Senior Helpers office to the next levels.